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Setting up the smart farming infrastructure in Portugal…

Setting up the smart farming infrastructure in Portugal and Spain

Published: 07/03/2019 EventsNews

One necessary component for enabling the gaiasense smart farming services in fields of the Portuguese and Spanish project partners is the installation of the gaiasense telemetric stations. This allows the recording of the atmospheric (e.g. relative humidity, temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, leaf wetness etc.) and soil parameters (such as soil moisture and temperature) required by the services to operate and provide accurate information to agronomists and farmers.
In this context, a team of NEUROPUBLIC’s members travelled to Portugal, where they completed the installation of 2 gaiatron telemetric stations in olive groves of the project partner CONFAGRI in Beja and Serpa.

A few days later, the NEUROPUBLIC team met with project partner ViƱa Costeira in Galicia, Spain and installed 2 gaiatron telemetric stations in selected vineyards in Ourense.

In both cases, the team ensured that the stations were properly transmitting precise data to the gaiasense infrastructure before the installation was complete. The next steps include the monitoring of the data through the customized user interface of the web application and the development / adaptation of the scientific models for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection for each crop in each area. In this sense, the agronomists involved in the project will be able to receive timely and precise information that they will transform into advice for the corresponding agricultural activities.