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Smart Farming in 4 Dimensions
Through 4 dimension gaiasense
  • Collects remote, processes and exploits information for every part of the parcel.
  • Offers valuable information by recording, analyzing and interpreting atmospheric and soil data at specific points within the fields every time it passes, uninterruptedly.
  • Allows information to be recorded by agricultural consultants and producers in the field.
  • Records the actions that the producer takes in his field and crop.
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Our Telemetric Station
The telemetric station

The telemetric station of the gaiasense smart farming system is a Greek product, developed and constructed by NEUROPUBLIC. The agro-meteorological station collects data regarding atmospheric (such as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, precipitation) and soil conditions (soil temperature and moisture).

At the same time, through the “Leaf Multisensor“, it collects data regarding the conditions under the plants’ foliage (temperature, wind, relative humidity and leaf wetness), ensuring maximum accuracy in the monitoring of the crop and the provision of advice for the farmers.

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Published on: 09/07/2021
Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense at SFCOLAB International Wednesday

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021, Domingos Godinho from project partner CONFAGRI, presented the objectives and the results so far of LIFE GAIA Sense project at…

Published on: 08/07/2021
Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense at Harmo 20

On 16 of June, Dr. Fotios Barmpas, Professor and Senior Researcher Engineer – CFD in the ‎Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering of Aristotle…

Published on: 17/06/2021
Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at the National Agricultural Fair of Portugal

This year, the National Agricultural Fair (FNA 21), the most important agricultural fair of Portugal was held during the second week of June, from 9th…

Published on: 17/06/2021
LIFE GAIA Sense Athens Circular Forum II : Video & summaries

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Mr. Vasilis Pyrgiotis, Senior Project Manager at NEUROPUBLIC presented LIFE GAIA Sense project during the two-day online event “Athens Circular…

Published on: 04/06/2021
Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at the Athens Circular Forum II

During the two-day online event “Athens Circular Forum II”, organized within the framework of #EUGreenWeek, from Monday 31 May 2021 to Tuesday 1 June 2021,…

Published on: 14/05/2021
Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at the Cyprian online event : “LIFE and SMEs”

LIFE GAIA Sense was one of the 2 LIFE projects that were presented yesterday, Thursday 13th of May 2021, during the online two-day event titled…

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