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Presentation of the LIFE GAIA Sense project at…

Presentation of the LIFE GAIA Sense project at the Global Food Forum

Published: 22/02/2022 News

On 15-16 November 2021, the European think tank Farm Europe gathered, for the 5th edition of the Global Food Forum, prominent figures from the European institutions, national Ministers of Agriculture, economic leaders from the many Member States as well as media & Civil Society focusing on the European Green Deal. More specifically, in the context of this annual Global Forum which was entitled “The Green Deal: how to make it a good deal?”, prominent speakers and participants took a stand, exchanged opinions, and proposed measures and recommendations regarding the fair and balanced green transition of the agricultural sector and food systems in the EU.

The project LIFE GAIA Sense was presented on that of high importance event with high impact on key-decision makers in the EU, which was attended by many participants, representatives of the agri-food sector from all Member States, taking advantage of the fact that GAIA EPICHEIREIN is a partner of FARM EUROPE since 2016.

More specifically, General Manager of GAIA EPICHEIREIN, Ms. Elli Tsiforou, participated in the workshop entitled “Farm-to-fork strategy: how to make it work”, presenting, through the LIFE GAIA Sense experience, the contribution of smart farming to the goals of European Green Deal and specifically to the “Farm to fork” strategy. At the same time, she proposed measures to EU decision-makers, emphasizing the need to:

  • Make digital data meaningful for farmers by supporting the provision of technologically enhanced consulting services,
  • Further, strengthen the democratization and adoption of new technologies in the production process by utilizing the promising new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and related EU funding tools,
  • Understand that the benefits of digitization / smart farming in sustainability need time and commitment to be integrated, proposing targeted action and exploitation of new CAP’s and the EU’s Digital Data Strategy.

The Global Food Forum aims at shaping the future of EU food systems, presenting the challenges and designing recommendations for decision-makers, in order to foster growth, added value, and sustainability within the EU as a whole.

The event is organised by the think tank Farm Europe in cooperation with its partners. Since its first edition in 2016, the Global Food Forum has involved every year more than 600 key decision-makers in the course of regional Forums across Europe and its main two-day event gathering top decision-makers together with high-level representatives of the European Farming Sector and other influencers.