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Innovative smart farming services and products for CONFAGRI

Innovative smart farming services and products for CONFAGRI

Published: 22/04/2021 News

On Wednesday, April 14th, a  training webinar was held, as a sequel to the previous successful ones. The purpose of this webinar was to present practical scenarios but also guidance to the agronomists of CONFAGRI, while using the smart farming services and products of gaiasense, an innovative “Smart Farming” (SF) solution that aims at reducing the consumption of natural resources.

First of all, a complete data entry scenario for the Intelligent Management Crop (ICP) platform was presented. ΙCM, is a multifunctional platform that can properly manage a group of producers or a single farm. It also allows correlations between, specific cultivation practices or inputs and the product produced (quantity and quality of the product). Apart from monitoring, ICM is a very powerful tool for drawing conclusions about the agricultural practices and products used (fertilizers, water etc.) thus it significantly contributes to the decision-making process.

After the completion of the first session of the webinar, the smart farming applications which have been developed in the framework of the LIFE GAIA Sense project were now presented to the agronomists of CONFAGRI. Farmer Assistant and Smartfarming Monitoring Dashboard, are innovative and extremely useful smart farming tools both for agronomists and producers. Through these applications, the users involved can have a detailed and up-to-date information on the vitality of the plants and the condition of the soil, but also to receive agricultural warnings.

During the training sessions, agronomists had the opportunity to receive practical information and guidance about the innovative smart farming services and products of gaiasense and they are now even more ready to apply the smart farming advice generated by the gaiasense system.