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Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at the…

Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at the Cyprian online event : “LIFE and SMEs”

Published: 14/05/2021 News

LIFE GAIA Sense was one of the 2 LIFE projects that were presented yesterday, Thursday 13th of May 2021, during the online two-day event titled “LIFE and SMEs”. Vasilis Pyrgiotis, senior project manager, and Vassilis Protonotarios, outreach & networking manager, representing Neuropublic the coordinator of LIFE GAIA Sense project, shared their firsthand experience with the LIFE GAIA Sense project ( and explained how the innovative Smart Farming solution can be used as a way to protect the environment and support Circular Economy (CE) models and how Neuropublic benefited from this EU funding instrument.

The installed Smart Farming infrastructure of the project is highlighted in the following picture.

Yesterday’s presentations were the first part of the two-day event “LIFE and SMEs”, organized by LIFE Cyclamen Project & the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB). The second and last one will be held on May 26th, 2021.

During the event, SMEs had the opportunity to get informed regarding the LIFE Programme and how they can benefit from this funding instrument. A number of guest speakers representing SMEs outside of Cyprus shared their experience with the LIFE Programme and the various gains achieved through this funding instrument.

You can watch the video in Greek here and for more details check here