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Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at AGROVID…

Presentation of LIFE GAIA Sense project at AGROVID fair

Published: 07/04/2022 News

Vina Costeira, Vina Costeira, partner of the LIFE GAIA Sense project, participated in the AGROVID fair which took place from 22th to 24th of March 2022 at Valladolid, Spain. The event organized by the Department of Agricultural Engineering, College of Castile, Leon and Cantabria and tried to meet all the challenges faced by viticulture since the AGROVID fair emerges as an opportunity to offer a meeting point between supply and demand for professionals of the sector, a place of business for farmers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, etc. In AGROVID fair accommodated all the products and services related to viticulture, hence, professionals could find everything they needed such as: agricultural tractors, grape harvesters, spray equipment, smart farming application for phytosanitary products, innovative fertilization and irrigation techniques, drones for precision agriculture and all kinds of auxiliary equipment for the wine sector.

During the fair, Carlos Alberte form Vina Costeira, presented his organization experience with R&D projects and focused on the benefits that may arise from the use of smart farming solutions came up by LIFE GAIA SENSE Project to prevent fungal diseases and reduce water consumption and use.