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LIFE GAIA Sense’s 18 webinars

LIFE GAIA Sense’s 18 webinars

Published: 23/05/2022 News

18 webinars with differentiated content depending on the selected crop and the results of the project in the specific area have been created in the context of LIFE GAIA Sense project. In particular, it is highlighted the importance of technology and, consequently, smart farming in reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural production, through the promotion and dissemination of the innovative gaiasense smart farming system. As part of the project, a large-scale intelligent agriculture infrastructure was implemented for the collection and analysis of data in 18 areas in Greece, Spain and Portugal, which concerned nine types of crops: olives, peaches, cotton, pistachio, potatoes, industrial tomatoes, almonds, kiwifruit, and vines.

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Olives Portugal

Vines Spain

Kiwi Arta

Kiwi Pieria


Cotton Orestiada

Cotton Farsala

Olives Mirabello

Olives Messinia

Olives Stylida

almonds Elassona

Potato Lasithi

Peaches Velventos

Peaches Pella


Tomato Kastoria

Tomato Kiato

Pistachio Aegina