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LIFE GAIA Sense at the LIFE Cyclamen Networking…

LIFE GAIA Sense at the LIFE Cyclamen Networking event

Published: 17/12/2019 News

On December 12th 2019, the LIFE Cyclamen project team organized a LIFE Networking Event which aimed at networking all kinds of potential beneficiaries of the LIFE Programme.

The event took place at Hall1010 in Nicosia, Cyprus, and was attended by a diverse audience consisting, among others, of representatives from public authorities, research and academic organizations, private companies, NGOs and other stakeholders from various sectors. Mr. Nikos Psimmenos, Climate Change Officer of the Greek LIFE Task Force, also attended the event.

Dr. Vassilis Protonotarios from NEUROPUBLIC, the coordinating body of the LIFE GAIA Sense project, was among the invited participants of the event and presented the LIFE GAIA Sense project.

Through his presentation, Mr. Protonotarios introduced the audience to the concept of smart farming, listed its benefits – focusing on the environmental ones – and presented the gaiasense smart farming system on which the project is based. The last part of the presentation focused on the LIFE GAIA Sense project and highlighted its aims and objectives, ongoing work and contribution to the mitigation of the environmental impact of agriculture.


After the presentation, there was a long discussion with participants who expressed their interest about the smart farming-based approach of the project; the discussions focused on the possibility of applying the smart farming services of LIFE GAIA Sense in different areas and for various crops, establishing links with local organizations and existing LIFE projects as well as potential collaborations in the context of new LIFE proposals.


On top of that, the LIFE GAIA Sense poster and project leaflets were available at the networking hall of the event, where the participants had the opportunity to learn more about current and past Cypriot LIFE projects through printed information material, posters and banners of each project and  through discussions with project representatives.

The event also included two presentations:

  1. Ms. Beatriz del Castillo Parra from FCC Aqualia S.A. (Spain), who talked about LIFE projects dealing with energy and resource recovery from wastewater and wastewater treatment in Europe, such as LIFE MEMORY and LIFE BIOSOL.
  2. Mrs Paraskevi Panteli from the Association of Solid Waste Management of Crete presented the LIFE-F4F (Food for Feed) project that evaluates an innovative and simple technology to reduce food waste in the food service sector and households by transforming it into animal feed.

The presentations of the event are available through the event’s webpage.

We would like to thank the LIFE Cyclamen team for the kind invitation to the event, and for providing us with the opportunity to talk about our project to a highly engaged audience.