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LIFE GAIA Sense at ”BioHorizon SC2 and KET-B…

LIFE GAIA Sense at ”BioHorizon SC2 and KET-B Brokerage Event“

Published: 01/08/2019 News

LIFE GAIA Sense project was presented at “BioHorizon SC2 and KET-B Brokerage Event”, which was organised by BioHorizon project of the Horizon 2020. Specifically, Mr. Nikos Kalatzis, NEUROPUBLIC’s Technical Project Manager, was invited to make a presentation in Session 1: Sustainable Food Security of the event. During his presentation titled “Solutions for smart farming and digital agriculture” which was the event’s first presentation by an SME, Mr. Kalatzis referred to the gaiasense smart farming systemas an efficient mean for digitizing agriculture, presented the future research objectives of the company and mentioned NEUROPUBLIC’s European projects, in which gaiasense plays an active role:

  • Η2020 SmartAgriHubs
  • H2020 Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020)
  • H2020 NIVA – New IACS Vision in Action
  • H2020 DataBio
  • LIFE GAIA Sense


In addition, Mr. Kalatzis referred to the thematic areas of high interest for NEUROPUBLIC, as they will be the ones in which the company’s new proposals will be submitted, based on the gaiasense smart farming services.​