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LIFE GAIA Sense at a networking workshop for…

LIFE GAIA Sense at a networking workshop for Greek LIFE projects

Published: 12/07/2019 EventsNews

The GREEK LIFE TASK FORCE and the “CYPRUS CAPACITY BUILDING FOR LIFE – CYCLAMEN” LIFE Project organized a workshop aiming at the networking of Greek LIFE projects. The event took place on Tuesday July 2 at the headquarters of the GREEN FUND at Villa Kazoulis.

Among the projects that participated and were presented during the workshop was LIFE GAIA SENSEVassilis Protonotarios, NEUROPUBLIC’s Outreach & Networking Manager, participated in the Workshop and presented the LIFE GAIA Sense project, its objectives, the methodology it develops as well as the progress it has made during its first year of operation.

The presentation also highlighted the role of the GAIASENSE smart farming system in the project, focusing on the way in which gaiasense contributes to the conservation of natural resources, the environmental protection and more generally, to circular economy models.

After the end of the presentation there was a number of questions from the participants, who showed special interest in the approach followed by the project, as well as the gaiasense system. In addition, during the break, opportunities for cooperation between LIFE GAIA Sense and other projects participating in the event were discussed, extending the project’s activity to new contexts and examining new potential applications.