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Final Event – Presentation of Final results of…

Final Event – Presentation of Final results of LIFE GAIA Sense and envision the future use of this solution

Published: 04/07/2022 News

On the 28th of June, 2022 project partner CONFAGRI organized a workshop in Serpa, Portugal in order to disseminate the results of the project and to discuss the future use of the smart farming solution Gaiasense in Portugal. During the workshop, technicians and farmers of the agricultural cooperative of Beja and Brinches and teachers of the Professional School of Rural Development of Serpa visited the telemetric station installed in the olive grove of Olival de Serpa, where Antonio Baião and Gonçalo Madeira from CONFAGRI presented how the installation operates. Also, at the workshop, Carlos Alberte representing project partner Vina Costeira, participated in person and presented the operation of the Galician installation along with Vasilis Pyrgiotis from Neuropublic, project coordinator, who participated online and presented specific details regarding the project’s contribution to the digital transformation of agriculture in Greece, Spain & Portugal.

As expected, the gaiasense telemetric agrometeorological stations of NEUROPUBLIC used by LIFE GAIA Sense for the real-time monitoring of atmospheric and soil data from the olive groves drew the attention of the participants!